Mega Man X Now Available On iPhone, Not iPad

Fans of the Blue Bomber have a new game to check out on their iPhone and/or iPod Touch today as Capcom has announced that Mega Man X is now available for download via Apple's App Store.

The classic game features Dr. Light's final creation, X, as he fights off Sigma and his army of reploid followers across multiple levels. The game brings in new controls for touchscreen-based gameplay and offers up a few new features to “enhance the action” on iPhone including optimized graphics, difficulty options, rankings and Game Center support. Screens and more past the break!

Mega Man X for iOS will set mobile gamers back about $5. Unfortunately, those of us who were looking forward to reliving this awesome game with a nice big screen like the one on our iPad or iPad 2 may be out of luck. The App Store's description says the game is not validated on iPad or iPad 2 and we're pretty disappointed about it. Hopefully iPad support comes via an update, but for now it looks like Capcom is just going to play up how good it looks on a Retina display.

Head over to the App Store for all the details and hit the comments section below to let us know what you think.

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