Drop Zone Mode Is Now Available In 'Modern Warfare 3'

The first community-created mode to get added to the game's multiplayer hoppers is ready to play, pretty cool.

Over the weekend, Infinity Ward pushed a new update live for Modern Warfare 3 which put the new "Drop Zone" mode into the new public "Community Playlist" hopper along with a couple of tweaks to other areas of multiplayer.

"Drop Zone" is a King of the Hill-type mode where opposing teams attempt to control a location on the map, earning points for every second that they occupy the target area. The twist is that for as long as the team controls that location, they receive air supply drops with weapons and support until the location changes. Also during this time, all killstreaks are disabled, so you'll have to rely on the supply crates for your turrets, UAV, etc. While I think the duration of the positions being held could be cut a little (it feels like at least a couple of minutes before it switches), the constant barrage of supply drops keeps the battlefield busy. And since the opposing team can always snag one of your supply drops, holding a position is by no means certain. Still, having spent some time with "Drop Zone," I can confidently say this is a pretty cool addition to the many modes already found in the game.

In addition to the new mode, G4 reports that Ricochet action in the game's Hardcore mode will now mean that any damage you take from someone on your own team will be directed back at them as a response to persistent team-killing that's been going on out there.

The update is available now across all platforms.

[Source: G4TV]


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