High-Tech Death In This New 'Syndicate' Trailer

Starbreeze and EA release the new "Deep Dive: Agent Tech" trailer.

Did you know your Eurocorp agent in Syndicate has a weaponized Dark Six chip in his head? Did you know what a Dark Six chip was before you saw those words here? In this new video, Starbreeze (Chronicles of Riddick) detail some of the many things you can do with your cybernetically-enhanced agent in the reboot of the Syndicate franchise. The chip in your head will allow you to manipulate enemies in the field, making them attack each other or stop moving, as well as providing information about combatants and the battlefield.

The video also provides insight into how you'll be using your chip abilities during the game's co-op missions. from the looks of it, essentially, you'll be choosing loadout classes a la Battlefield and providing support/offense in the field.

This is also another good look at the game's UI which does something I didn't notice before: as you move around, the text and UI onscreen tilts and bobs. I'm curious as to the conceit here—is your agent seeing all of your mission data, ammo, and health info as some kind of AR overlay?

With the game only a couple of months out, I'm curious as to what Starbreeze has done in transitioning the game from its top-down action title to an FPS. I've typically dug their stuff in the past, so I'm hoping they've done more than just add glow-y UI to your standard FPS, thrown in some abilities and called it a day.

Syndicate will be available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on February 21.

Syndicate Deep-Dive: Agent Tech Trailer

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