Heroes Mode Confirmed For 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City'

Capcom has revealed a new game mode for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City dubbed "Heroes Mode". The new competitive online multiplayer game mode will have players facing off as notable characters from the series and Capcom has thrown a little twist on the typical third-person shooter action.

Not only will playable characters like Leon. S Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Hunk and Ada Wong blow eachother away in four vs. four multiplayer rumbles, players will also be faced with the constant threat of zombies and bio-organic weapons, making this new game mode a three-way battle for survival. Head past the break for a bunch of Heroes Mode screenshots and a trailer with all the details.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 beginning March 30th. A PC version will also be on the way after the console versions drop, but no specific release date has been announced. Either way, you need to watch the trailer below.

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