Obsidian Explains Combat For Upcoming 'South Park: The Game'

Plus, the developer reveals one of the classes for the upcoming RPG!

In a video interview over at GameInformer, South Park: The Game Lead Designer Matt MacLean laid out some of the particulars of the RPG's combat as well as its inspirations. Of particular interest is that the turn-based battles will be more Paper Mario than Final Fantasy, requiring the player to execute timed inputs during face-offs with the game's enemies in order to do extra damage. This allows for blocking, counters, and combat bonuses that you might not otherwise get with a more direct turn-based combat system.

The actual look and feel of the combat will be based on the "Fun Time With Weapons" episode of the show, meaning the kids will be getting into stupid, bloody brawls with real weapons. The actual weapons will be upgradable, and MacLean explained that Obsidian wanted gamers to form a relationship with the weapons instead of constantly picking up and discarding loot.

Finally, at the top of the video, MacLean tells you what classes your "new kid" character will be able to play in the game: Fighter, Thief, Mage, Cleric... or Jew. He describes The Jew as a Paladin-type, with a "high-risk, high-reward" style of combat.

I'd encourage you to go head over and check out the video as it actually lays down quite a bit of in-depth detail about South Park: The Game well in advance of its release.

[Source: Gameinformer via GamesRadar]

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