'Alan Wake' (Finally) Coming to PC

Just a mere two years after its 360 release, PC gamers can finally get their hands on Alan Wake.

Over on the Alan Wake forums, developer Remedy announced the impending (for real, this time) release of the game for the PC. Broadly sketching out a release window of sometime in early 2012, the long await mouse and keyboard version of the horror-action game will make two Alan Wake titles available to gamers in 2012 with the XBLA release of Alan Wake: American Nightmare arriving around the same time (no word on when this will make its way to the PC).

The PC port will include the two DLC releases for the console version of the game, "The Writer" and "The Signal," so that's a nice addition.

Here's the synopsis of the game for those of you who haven't yet picked it up for the 360 or just need a refresher before next year's American Nightmare release:

Alan Wake tells the story of a best-selling writer suffering from writer’s block. He goes on vacation to the small town of Bright Falls with his wife, Alice, to gain back his creative flow. Shortly upon arrival, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare when his wife mysteriously goes missing. He keeps finding pages of a manuscript he apparently wrote, but can’t remember writing. The manuscript is coming true. An involving psychological action thriller, Alan Wake raises the bar in storytelling and creating a suspenseful cinematic experience.

[Source: Remedy forums via Rock, Paper Shotgun]

Alan Wake will be available on PC in early 2012, as will Alan Wake: American Nightmare.

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