TellTale's 'Law And Order Legacies' Coming To iPhone And iPad This Month!

Law & Order is one of the longest running and highest rated crime dramas to ever light-up our television sets. The only thing we really have to do to find an episode is turn our TV on. Everyone is knows the series and now the team behind great titles like Back to the Future: The Game and Tales of Monkey Island on iOS are bringing Law & Order to iPhone, iPad and PC in the form of Law & Order Legacies.

The game will pull stories and characters from all of Law & Order's previous series' including spin-offs like Law & Order: SVU. The game will apparently play out just like an episode of the long-running show. The first half will have players investigating the crime scene and tracking down the bad guys while the second half takes players into the court room where they will be challenged with moral decisions while trying to prosecute the defendant.

The game will also feature multiple endings that players are presented with based on the decisions they make about the accused. Is it right? Is wrong? Was it a cold-blooded murder or simply self-defense? It's all up to the players.

Law & Order Legacies will be released as individual episodes much like TellTale Games' Back to the Future and so far it looks like they have 7 episodes planned. No specific release date has been given, but we do know it is scheduled for iPhone and iPad this month followed by PC and Mac versions later this year. For more info you can watch the video below or head over to

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