'Plants Vs. Zombies' Finally Hits Android Market, 'Peggle' Follows

Plants vs. Zombies has available on iOS devices for quite some time, but Android gamers who have wanted to get their hands on the extremely addictive mobile game have only been able to do so via the Amazon App Store, which a lot of Android devices don't have access to. Thankfully that has changed.

Today PopCap Games and EA have finally pushed the game, along with Peggle, to the official Android Market. Now that the Amazon App Store exclusivity has run out you're probably wondering if Plants vs Zombies will hold onto the $2.99 price tag now that it's available via the Android Market, and we're happy to say it will.

As we mentioned before, PopCap Games and EA have also pulled the Amazon App Store exclusivity on their other hit game, Peggle. Just like Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle is also now available from the official Android Market for a surprise-free $2.99.

Can't find it? Here are some links to the Android Market...

Plants vs. Zombies (U.S.Elsewhere)

Peggle (U.S. - Elsewhere)

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