[Rumor] Is Nintendo About To Announce a New Pokémon Game?

Will it be another 3DS or Wii entry in the series? Who knows... maybe? Will you be capturing innocent little monsters and battling them until they're unconscious? Most definitely.

Pocket monster fan site Serbii.net has dug up an announcement in the Japanese publication CoroCoro that in January, Nintendo will be revealing their next Pokémon game in CoroCoro Comics's January 14th issue. While it's only been four months since the Japanese release of Pokémon" Rumble Blast and two months since its release stateside, it feels like a pretty quick turnaround for talking about the next game in the series, but there you have it.

Neither Serbii nor CoroCoro provide any more details about the reveal, nor have I been able to independently source any of this. CoroCoro was the first to announce the upcoming winter release of PokePark 2: Beyond the World, so it's likely they're on to something if they say they have another reveal on the way.

[Source: Serbii.net via Nintendo Life]

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