Circle Pad Pro Snaps Onto 3DS February 7th, Available Exclusively At Gamestop

Nintendo has caught a lot of flak for not putting two analog sticks on the 3DS, but they have a cure for the joystick ailment coming as the Circle Pad Pro. The new peripheral will hit store shelves – well, Gamestop store shelves exclusively anyway – for about $20 on February 7th.

The much-needed second joystick isn't the only thing a Circle Pad Pro will do for our Nintendo 3DS. It will also add shoulder buttons in an attempt to emulate a the full-featured console controllers we're all pretty used to at this point. Obviously, it's going to add a little more bulk to our handhelds too.

What really has us disappointed is the fact that it doesn't look like the U.S. will be getting the Resident Evil: Revelations “special edition bundle” Europe's getting, but the peripheral and the game are sharing the February 7th release date. You'll also be able to put the new add-on to work when Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater makes it way to stores in early 2012.

While the Circle Pad Pro will provide added playability to some games, like the two mentioned above, Nintendo has reminded us that it is an optional add-on and games won't require that we use it.

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