Spike VGAs: Miyamoto, 'Zelda,' And The Video Game Hall of Fame

The beloved franchise becomes a Hall of Fame inductee, capping off a weird week where—for a moment—we were eulogizing the series creator's career at Nintendo.

Where were you when you heard that Shigeru Miyamoto, a fixture at Nintendo for nearly 30 years was stepping down and letting the young guys take over, only to learn that, whoops, that's totally not happening? Nintendo's very terse, "No, he's not leaving, shut it," e-mail along with the Zelda induction into the Video Game Hall of Fame reinforces two very key things about Nintendo right now: first, it's nearly impossible to imagine a version of the company without Miyamoto and second, that might be a problem for Nintendo.

The company and its fortunes are so inextricably linked to Miyamoto that the mere thought of his departure is cause for panic. It's a sign that Nintendo thinks (or thinks the public thinks, at least) that without Miyamoto, they might be nothing. This is cool for Miyamoto, who can continue in his position or one day, walk away and do his own thing that we'd all likely follow with anticipation, but for Nintendo, it means that they're probably long past they point where they should be exposing the world to their bench of creators so that the inevitable future without Miyamoto doesn't seem so pants-wettingly uncertain for them.

Still, that downer scenario aside, congratulations to Nintendo and Miyamoto on the Legenda of Zelda induction into the Hall of Fame.

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