Is A 'Batman: Arkham City' Sequel 'Arkham World' On The Way?

Did Rocksteady sneak in a tease about their next Batman game into the 2011 VGAs?

Short answer: I don't think so. Long answer: I really don't think so and please allow me to tell you why. First off, here's our evidence: the image above, presented during the Joker's Best Character acceptance speech, and has been subsequently been making the rounds online all Sunday morning. And as far as teasing out your next big project, the VGAs wouldn't be a bad place to do it.

The thing is—well, several things really—"Arkham World" as a concept doesn't really make any sense, first as an extension of the franchise and second from a story standpoint given the ending of Arkham City (which I'll leave unspoiled here for those of you who still haven't played it). Given the character holding the script, the almost offhand way it was handled, and the fact that Rocksteady and WB Interactive have just released Arkham City into the wild would point to this simply being a joke.

Actually, the first thing I thought of when the rumors were going around was this BitMob post from a little boy named "Quincy" detailing what a great game "Arkham City" would make.

Wait. Quincy? As in Quincy Arkham?

Still, way to get the Internet excited, Rocksteady.

Batman: Arkham City Exploration Gameplay 1

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