VGA Trailer Debut: 'BioShock Infinite'

2K Games and Irrational show the high cost of floating city living.

You can expect at least a couple of "sad ballad" trailers at the VGAs at this point and Bioshock Infinite was one of them. I guess there's something about down-tempo songs and soulful lyrics coupled with gnarly violence that gets some gamers.

I think I tweeted during the broadcast that it looked like 2K Games and Irrational had left the new footage at home, but I was, in retrospect, quite wrong. While we don't see a whole lot of new locations and encounters in the one minute-plus of video here, we do get more atmospheric elements previously unrevealed before this trailer. And we get to see this game's version of a Big Daddy for all of a couple of frames.

BioShock Infinite will be hitting the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2012.

VGA 2011: Bioshock Infinite Exclusive Trailer

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