Trailer Premiere: Beenox's 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

If those aren't Spider Slayers, then they're a reasonable facsimile.

He's not just any Amazing Spider-Man, he's THE Amazing Spider-Man. And he's got a new game coming up in 2012 with the release of the new movie that's rebooting the film franchise at Sony. The trailer shows off some of industrialist/Spider-Man antagonist/sometime Green Goblin/occasionally dead guy Norman Osborn's factory of robots running amok around New York City. And the only thing that can stop them: well, you watched the trailer, right?

The Amazing Spider-Man returns Spidey to open world action after developer Beenox has produced a couple of recent closed-environment games. And I imagine many of you are with me in being psyched about this return to form. The new game will serve as an epilogue to the movie, so that probably means it'll be open for more villains than just the Lizard (fingers crossed for Stilt Man, maybe Puma).

VGA 2011: The Amazing Spider-Man Exclusive Debut Trailer

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