Get Ready For The Doctor Who Video Game 'The Eternity Clock' [Update]

[Update at 10:57 AM: Additional info from the BBC press release for the game]

A newly-released trailer for the upcoming PC, PS3 and Vita game isn't giving up too many details.

So... TARDIS confirmed, right? That's about all the information we're able to glean from this teaser trailer for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock posted today over on the official Playstation blog. The post, by BBC Worldwide Executive Producer Simon Harris promises future updates, but for the time being you'll have to content yourself with a swirling mass of cosmos and a bit of narration.

The new game—featuring the latest incarnation of the Doctor played by Matt Smith—is being developed by Supermassive Games, whose site described The Eternity Clock as "a new Doctor Who adventure, specifically created for this game franchise, written in conjunction with the show’s production team in Cardiff." Supermassive's resume is pretty short up to this point, with a level editor kit for Little Big Planet, a Toy Story tie-in, and a Playstation Move-based puzzle game called Tumble under their belts. So the best we can infer about the English developer is that they know how to work with the Playstation hardware.

In addition to the trailer, the BBC provided a little more detail about the game in a press release. It's apparently the first of three planned console Doctor Who titles, with the remaining two getting their own announcements sometime next year. No word on whether any of these will be hitting Nintendo or Microsoft (well, besides Windows, that is) platforms or if the current crop of games are simply targeting the PS3, Vita, and PC.

Here are some details about the game and the story:

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will immerse gamers in the universe of Doctor Who, allowing them to take on the role of the Doctor and River Song as they travel across time and space to save the Earth. Gamers must learn to master the complexities of time travel with exceptional time based game play, changes made in one time will impact another creating multiple possibilities and challenging players to solve puzzles across the centuries.

A wholly new storyline has been developed especially for this new Doctor Who console game franchise, written in collaboration with the BBC Wales team. Photo-real graphics, television quality scenes and highly realistic characters will bring the world of Doctor Who to life immersing fans completely in the twists and turns of an action filled plot. The stars of the series Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Alex Kingston (River Song) have recorded full voiceovers for their characters in Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and motion capture has been used to create in-game characters that are incredibly realistic providing the ultimate Doctor Who gaming experience.

This is actually the third Doctor Who game in the last two years based on Matt Smith as the Doctor, following 2010's The Adventure Games (PC, Mac), Evacuation Earth / Return to Earth (Wii/DS), and The Maze of Time (iPad/iPhone).

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