Get Your Cheat On - The Game Genie Is Back!

It seems like just the other day we were throwing that game we couldn't beat on top of a Game Genie and cheating all the way through. Sadly, the Game Genie disappeared for quite some time. Gamers, those days are over as Hyperkin has finally brought the Game Genie back!

For those of you who don't remember the good-old-cheating days, the Game Genie used to be a go-to video game peripheral for those times when we just couldn't win. It would unlock levels, make us invincible and hook us up with infinite ammo whenever we wanted. It basically made any gamer an instant video game god. Anyone who had one was the envy of their friends and anyone who didn't saved their allowance until they could get one.

Hyperkin, who has made it pretty clear they love retro gaming with the SupaBoy and similar devices, are the folks behind the Game Genie's rebirth and the first model they have introduced is compatible with Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DSi XL, DS and DS Lite. On top of being just plain awesome, the device is also bringing some new, modern features to the table like WiFi connectivity for updates, an MP3 player (wait, what?) and a feature that will let us swap game saves with our buddies.

We're super excited these things are back, especially considering the holidays are just around the corner, but the best part has got to be the price point. Believe it or not we won't have to bust out the plastic for one of these bad boys as they only cost about $20 at Even better, Hyperkin says this is just beginning and the company will be showing off more Game Genies for other consoles at CES 2012 – and we'll be there to bring you all of the details!

Product Highlights

•   Available at

•   SRP: $19.99

•   Compatible with 3DS, DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite, DS

•   Over 60,000 Codes for More than 300 Titles

•   Back up and Swap Games

•   Upgradeable via the DS WiFi Receiver (Only DS Systems with built-in WiFi can receive direct upgrades to Game Genie)

•   Download New Codes at

•   Listen to mp3 Music

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