Director Gore Verbinski Getting Into The Xbox Business

The Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango director to develop exclusive content for the 360 and other Microsoft platforms.

Filmmaker Gore Verbinski is following in the footsteps of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, with plans to develop video game content and more for Microsoft. The Hollywood Reporter has detailed an agreement between Verbinski's Blind Wink Productions and Microsoft to create a Kinect-based XBLA game for the 360 to be released sometime late in 2012 as well as additional content--whatever shape that may take--for other Microsoft devices. There's no detail on the duration of the exclusivity agreement or what additional devices, type of content this will entail. I know a couple of years back, Microsoft tried to get into original video content, enlisting horror directors to create comedy shorts but since then there hasn't been any kind of deal of this nature.

I mention Jackson and Spielberg at the top because both present--well, not cautionary tales of big budget directors getting into gaming, but notice that it's not always that simple. Jackson was attached to develop some kind of Halo-related content for the longest time while Spielberg had a deal with EA, the only result being the (admittedly excellent) Wii game, Boom Blox.

This isn't, of course, Verbinski's first foray into the world of gaming: for a while, he was attached to direct Bioshock, but has since handed over the reins of the material to director Juan Carlos Fresnadillos while still remaining a producer on the movie.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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