Iron Man Renders Revealed For Upcoming 'Marvel Universe' MMO

What's the look developer Gazillion Entertainment has planned for billionaire industrialist/super-science suit enthusiast Tony Stark for their upcoming MMO?

Over on the MMMSociety Blog, they've been slowing teasing out, then revealing character renders for Marvel Entertainment's upcoming browser-based MMO, Marvel Universe. And after previously showing off the silhouette for Iron Man, they've unveiled his look for the game, unsurprisingly sticking pretty closely to his current look in the comics as well as in the most recent film.

What do you think?

Throughout the month of November, he MMM Society has also been putting a slow reveal on Thor and Fantastic Four member The Thing:

While there's no official release date on Marvel Universe Online, the planned MMO will be free-to-play after a long development cycle which has seen the project change developers (originally, Cryptic Studios was developing the game) and it was even initially be planned as a title on the 360. Since then, Gazillion has taken on the reins back in 2009 (at least, that's when they were announced as the current developer), the game seems to have been chugging along. Meanwhile, the kid brother version of the game, Superhero Squad Online is out there for younger fans of the Marvel Universe who might enjoy a more lighthearted take on the material.

We'll continue bringing you news and images from the upcoming MMO as they become available.

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