Rumor: Could The Follow-up to 'Army of Two' Be 'Army of Four?'

Will the next game in EA's fist-bumping shooter series allow you to co-op with two more players? An unnamed source tells Kotaku that's the case for this possibly troubled EA Montreal production.

Someone at EA must really be behind the fledgeling Army of Two franchise. The first game in the series didn't exact set the world on fire with either sales or critical response thanks to a confused tone that had you playing as one of two sociopathic mercs in a third-person shooter whose co-op differentiated itself from the Gears of the world by allow you to execute preset "funny" animations with your teammate. The 2010 sequel, Army of Two: The 40th Day, scaled back some of the comic shenanigans, placing your co-op duo in the middle of an ongoing disaster while trying to save your own hides.

According to Kotaku, EA Montreal is developing a third entry in the series which is alleged to be getting both a visual facelift via the Frostbite 2 engine as well as the addition of two more players for the co-op. Details here are pretty scant for the currently unannounced game, but Kotaku describes the production as "not going well," which could, of course, mean anything from disgruntled employees frustrated with end-of-year crunch or all the way to management having no real vision for the project.

Either way, if another title in the series is on the way, you have to agree that someone high up at EA must really love lead characters Salem and Rios.

[via Kotaku]

Army of Two: The 40th Day Launch Trailer

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