Rumor: Is 'Dragon Age' Going Multiplayer?

Kotaku seems to think so in a recent post that claims the next installment in Bioware's RPG series is joining Mass Effect 3 in letting you roll with bros.

A lot of this sounds really early, and conjectural, but an unnamed source is telling Kotaku that Dragon Age is getting multiplayer in the form of PvE and PvP arena-style combat. Their source was unable to confirm whether this would be part of the next entry in the series or some kind of DLC, but apparently, you'll be able to face off against opponents online and even play as dragons, swooping in and presumably melting the faces off your online foes (or vice versa, of course).

Another interesting tidbit is that the game is being developed using developer DICE's Frostbite 2 engine which was used to pretty up Battlefield 3. If true, I wonder if this means the series will be getting yet another visual reinvention after Bioware made tweaks to the art style between 2009's Origins and 2010's sequel.

Another question this brings up is what would be the proposed timeline before we see another release in the series? The second game followed pretty closely on the heels of the first by about one year and received a somewhat more muted response than its predecessor thanks to reports of cut and paste levels and a less engaging storyline. Maybe Bioware will be taking a little extra time to bake this release a bit more until its fully ready?

[via Kotaku]

Dragon Age II: Launch Trailer

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