10 Horror-Filled Video Games For Halloween


Halloween's right around the corner and you're looking for some games that might be fun to turn on with the lights off. Well, check out these ten titles that are definitely worth hunting down for some console-based thrills and chills!

10. Alan Wake (Xbox 360)

In this long-in-development from Max Payne developer, Remedy, you play as a world-famous writer who travels to the small town of Bright Falls to work on your latest novel when your wife turns up missing and you're beset by shadowy creatures and scenarios from the novel you haven't even finished yet. For much of the game, you'll be wandering around in the dark, using your trusty flashlight to fend off enemies and whatever firearms you can grab to take them out. You can find a few genuine scares while being attacked from all sides by former-people muttering crazy nonsense at you. However, the primary mechanic and the basic structure of this 2010 title quickly gets repetitive, and some of the intentionally... pulpy writing gets downright awful.

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