Battlefield 3 Producer Discusses the Benefits of Developing the Shooter In-House


A screenshot from the highly-anticipated Battlefield 3

By John Gaudiosi

One of the big games of 2011 is preparing to invade PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Battlefield 3 is the latest shooter from acclaimed developer DICE and Electronic Arts. Patrick Liu, producer on Battlefield 3 at DICE, recently showed off new gameplay at the EA Vegas Gameshow. He talks about what’s in store for players when they engage in Battlefield 3 in this exclusive interview.

MTV Geek: What’s it like for you, personally, to be involved in this game, this franchise, especially with the big battle with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this fall?

Patrick Liu: We always set very high expectations for ourselves, just raising the bar with every game that we make. I think that pressure from ourselves, from each other, is actually bigger than anything else. Just to create the next gen Battlefield game, basically. That’s where we gauge ourselves. We focus on creating the best game that we can.

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