‘Batman: Arkham City’ Conquers New York Comic Con!


By Gregg Sanderson

New York Comic Con: The Batman: Arkham City panel members were greeted by the jam-packed  hall as world-conquering rockstars. Rightly so! Since Batman: Arkham Asylum took gamers by storm (and surprise) in 2009, gamers and Batman fans alike have been waiting as patiently as a cop on stakeout for the Arkham City follow-up. Judging by the overwhelming praise already being heaped upon the title (Metacritic score of 92!) the gang at Warner and Rocksteady may have exceeded expectations.

Claudio Sanchez, Kevin Conroy, Nick Errandale and Sefton Hill at NYCC 2011

The world of licensed superhero video games before Arkham Asylum was Bludhaven-dreary. The rule of thumb was any such game was sure to be rushed-out-the-door crapola, seemingly made by people who didn’t “get” the superhero in question.

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