Goodbye For Now...

Fallout 3

Seems that after two and a half years, my time as the editor of MTV Multiplayer has come to a close. It has been a privilege to attempt to give you some insight into the world of video games and technology. Whether you came to the blog every day, every week, or just whenever it popped up on Twitter, I hope you enjoyed your time here. I certainly have.

There have been several regular contributors throughout my time here at Multiplayer, and they have my utmost admiration. These are gentleman who deserve considerably more than a mention in a farewell blog post but, for now, this will have to do: Jason Cipriano, Matt Clark, Brian Warmoth, Brad Nicholson, Nick Akerman, and Adam Rosenberg.

I'd also like to thank Stephen Totilo, Tracey John and Patrick Klepek for building such an incredible audience. It was a true honor and a monumental task to fill those shoes.

As for me, you can still follow my ramblings on Twitter (@RussFrushtick).

Since I'm terrible at goodbyes, let me just leave you with an epic fishing battle between me and Sway. (Actually, I'll save you some time. I totally won.)