'Batman: Arkham City' Exclusive Trailer - Secrets Of The Joker

The Joker may not be the main bad guy of "Batman: Arkham City," (that honor goes to Professor Hugo Strange), but he does play a pretty crucial role in the game, now that he's running around loose in the streets of Gotham City. We secured this trailer, which focuses on some of the Joker's crew, while also giving some of his backstory.

Despite the fact that Hugo Strange is running the show, it seems unlikely that the Joker would take a backseat to anyone, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye on him and his minions. Definitely that guy with the big hammer. Despite the smile, he does not look friendly.

The Joker is just one of a staggering number of Batman villains who have been confirmed for "Arkham City." Here's the latest tally of who you can expect, with more likely still in hiding:

The Joker

The Riddler

Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn

Victor Zsaz

Jack Rider


Catwoman (as a playable character)

Hugo Strange



Mr. Freeze

Talia al Ghul

Calender Man

Solomon Grundy


"Batman: Arkham City" is scheduled for release on October 18, which means we've got about a month until we're roaming Gotham City, glide-kicking hapless thugs as they peacefully take in the crisp night air. Thus far, Rocksteady has only shown a tiny portion of the game, maybe an hour's worth of play, so I'm happy to report that I'm just as in the dark as you are. Knowing the curve balls they threw with "Arkham Asylum," it makes you wonder just what else they have in store.