'Worms Ultimate Mayhem' Returns The Series To 3D On September 28

Worms Ultimate Mayhem

You'd have a hard time trying to find a bigger fan of "Worms" than me. I've been playing the turn-based "Artillery"-style strategy franchise since "Worms 2" released back in the '90s. Unfortunately, not all "Worms" games are created equal. In 2003, Team17 experimented with trying to bring the franchise into a new dimension with "Worms 3D." While not an all-out failure, it didn't come close to capturing the magic of the original, 2D games. With that lesson learned, the developer took the franchise back to its roots with an XBLA release of "Worms" and "Worms 2: Armageddon," both of which were solid entries. But Team17 isn't giving up on 3D just yet.

"Worms Ultimate Mayhem" returns to the perspective of "Worms 3D." I haven't had the chance to play it, but based on the gameplay trailers the developer has released, it appears pretty similar to "3D," save for additional features like weapon and worm customization. Here's one of the most recent trailers:

I can't say whether Team17 has finally cracked the 3D nut, but at least there should be a lot of content packed into the game when it launches on Steam on September 28. The game is also planned for release on XBLA and PSN, but those dates haven't been squared away.

The real concern I have is that the tactics of "Worms" revolve around precision, and, when played from a first-person perspective, it's extremely difficult to gauge just how far a grenade toss will go. Perhaps the developers have found some way to combat this. Good thing we'll have our answer on the 28th.