'Eufloria' Bringing Ambient Strategy To PSN October 4


A couple months ago, Sony announced that they were investing $20 million dollars into exclusive titles for their PlayStation Network. The company's had a difficult time landing consistently popular, exclusive downloadable titles, but they're hoping to change all that by dropping some dollars in the direction of up-and-coming designers. Today, we're finally getting some more information about the first of three previously announced titles in this PlayStation "Pub Fund," ambient strategy game "Eufloria."

Writing on the PlayStation Blog today, product evaluator Nick Suttner announced some launch details on the title, including price and release date. Even better, he posted this nice trailer so you can check out the game for yourself.

"Eufloria" definitely has an ambient chill thing going for it, drawing games like "flOw" and "PixelJunk Eden" to mind. That said, it works some strategy gameplay into that mix, which is actually pretty intriguing, given the way strategy titles are generally meant to make your brain hurt. A chill strategy title; sounds interesting enough.

You can also balance just how ambient or strategy-like you want the game to behave, choosing between either "Chilled" or "Dark Matter" mode.

While the game is getting improvements for its PlayStation Network debut, I'm not so sure it's entirely fair to call "Eufloria" an exclusive title, part of the concept behind Sony's "Pub Fund." The game is already available on Steam, and according to the developer's blog, they're currently working on an iOS port. I suppose if they mean "exclusive" in terms of console exclusivity, it counts.

Regardless, "Eufloria" is due out on October 4 for $10.