'Batman: Arkham City' Includes Six New Gadgets, New Villain Deadshot


"Batman Arkham City" is only about a month away, but thankfully, Rocksteady are still dishing out new features and villains. The game's rogue gallery is getting pretty deep, with the developer seemingly trying to cram as many iconic Batman villains into the game as possible. Today, we find out details on a couple of new gadgets, plus we're introduced to the latest foe in the title, Deadshot.

GTTV's Geoff Keighley stopped by Rockstar's London studio to check out what new information the developer was willing to part with, and the result is yet another Gotham bad guy, not to mention two all-new gadgets to fill up Bat's utility belt.

The original "Batman Arkham Asylum" featured six gadgets, unlocked through the game's progression. Rocksteady are doubling up this go around, with a whopping 12 Bat-tools. While the Batclaw, Batarang, Line Launcher, Cryptographic Sequencer, Grapnel Gun, and Explosive Gel will return – granted with new updates – "Arkham City" director Sefton Hill spoke about two brand-new gadgets.

First, there's the Remote Electrical Charge. At first glance, you might think this is nothing more than a taser – which it can obviously be used for – but the device also assists in completing various tasks and puzzles. The gadget can actually create an electrical field, allowing you to move objects around the environment.

Secondly, it looks like Batman will actually "borrow" some tech from previously-announced villain Mr. Freeze. Hill spoke about the Freeze Blast, a device that actually hurls a freezing glob at enemies and water, alike. If the blast is directed towards water, it will actually create a frozen platform, allowing Batman to cross liquid expanses. If the blast is directed at thugs – well, it freezes them in place. It's odd that Batman is taking technology from Mr. Freeze, and one has to wonder if the two are joined in some type of uneasy alliance.

While Rocksteady has already announced quite a few villains for "Arkham City" – Penguin, Joker, Hugo Strange, Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze – they're apparently not done yet. Assassin-for-hire Deadshot will join the rogues' gallery, but his motivations are not immediately clear. The video shows Batman entering "detective mode" to ascertain the bullet trajectory from one of Deadshot's sniper bullets. Apparently, Batman will discover a number of the mercenary's murder scenes, and he'll have to deduce exactly what's going on.

"Deadshot is after some very specific people in Arkham City," said Hill. "When Batman gets in Deadshot's way, there's an inevitable showdown."

"Batman Arkham City" releases to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 18. A collector's edition is also available.