'Battlefield 3' Multiplayer Modes Detailed


The days until the "Battlefield 3" release are quickly getting smaller. While there's a chance we'll see a decent beta between now and then, "Battlefield" fan can satisfy their hunger for knowledge about the game today, thanks to an incredibly detailed entry at the Battleblog. The post covers every single multiplayer mode in the game, but here's a quick rundown of the information that was dispatched.

"Battlefield 3" will launch with nine maps, spanning across five games modes. Those maps are not broken down in their availability to specific modes – every map will modify to each particular gameplay mode. That's actually a fairly massive amount of multiplayer content on day-one.


Team Deathmatch mode is nothing new to multiplayer – for most games, really – but there's nothing wrong with keeping to the basics. The mode allows for 24 players – two teams of 12 – battling it out to reach a set number of kills. There are no vehicles available in Team Deathmatch, which – is kind of a shame.


This mode moves closer to what you might have experienced in playing "Bad Company 2." There is one vehicle available, the Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The mode allows for 16 players broken into squads of four. This mode will require a deep-level of communication and teamwork with each member of the squad filling their role.


Another "Bad Company" mode, Rush will have your team either defending or detonating M-COM stations. Blowing up each station unlocks the next area. The defenders can stop the attackers by running out their reinforcement tickets. Console rounds will allow up to 24 players, with PC playing with up to 32. Rush also allows access to a ton of vehicles including transports, armored cars, helicopters, and the super-awesome jets.

More importantly, DICE have changed a few things about Rush from "Bad Company 2." Namely, the M-COM stations can't be taken out with artillery or rounds. They have to be armed. Also, if you begin disarming and the timer is going to run out, you can still complete the action assuming the disarmer – is that a word? – isn't killed.


Combining the small-team flavor of Squad Deathmatch with the classic Rush mode, Squad Rush features two teams of four players. You're essentially still playing the Rush mode, blowing up M-COM stations, but with a much smaller headcount. This mode is really meant for tight-knit teams.


Conquest is basically the grandaddy of all the "Battlefield 3" modes. This is the mode you want to play when you're just looking for a massive, full-out warfare experience. All vehicles are available, and each the mode allows for 24 players on console, and either 32 or 62 players on PC. This mode will have your team battling to maintain control of various flag points across bigger maps.