Razer Wants You To Test Their Prototype Xbox 360 Arcade Stick


Less than a month ago, gaming peripheral company Razer announced that they were releasing the world's "first" gaming laptop. Go ahead and take a moment to choke that one down. Today, during Tokyo Game Show, the company has announced that they are working on developing a new Xbox 360 arcade stick. Honestly, where do they find the time?

The catch is that Razer are looking for input on their prototype from experienced players, and what better place to do that but in fighting-genre-loving Japan.

According to today's press release, TGS attendees won't be the only ones able to get their hands on the prototype.

"The arcade stick, developed with pro-gamer feedback, is currently at the prototype stage. For the finishing touches, up to 200+ specially selected top-seed 'Street Fighter IV' pro-gamers, influential modders, and members of the arcade enthusiast community will each be given a Razer arcade stick to test and provide feedback to further improve it to perfection, whereupon the final design will then proceed to production."

So, you're probably wondering, "how do I get to be one of the special 200 or so people that try this new Razer arcade stick out?" Well, if you head over to www.razerzone.com/bredtofight, you can actually apply to give feedback on the hardware. Yes, that means you'll actually get to try the stick out. You'll need to fill out a submission form, including giving reasons as to why you should be selected. If you are chosen, you'll join Razer's "top-secret elite validation program."

There's no word yet as to whether this is the "first" true Xbox 360 arcade stick, but hyperbole notwithstanding, it's actually pretty great that Razer are allowing the community to essentially beta test their new hardware.

The stick prototype looks decent, with hinged doors that allow you to open it up and mod the crap out of it, if you so wish.