'Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road' Trailer Sounds Like A Trap


"Fallout: New Vegas" may have been plagued with unfortunate glitches and the occasional game freeze after its release, but it's so hard to stay away from that post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. The characters and story are what draw you back in, and with few exceptions, the downloadable-content from Obsidian really elevated the experience. Today, the team have released a trailer for the fourth – likely final – expansion, "Lonesome Road."

The new add-on will finally open the door on the story of the original Courier Six, a man with an ominous voice named Ulysses. If you're somehow unfamiliar with the plot of "New Vegas," you play the game as an unnamed courier, tasked with delivering a valuable platinum poker chip. As you might have guessed, things sort of go downhill from there.

There have been hints about Ulysses throughout the game's previous three downloadable add-ons, with non-playable characters mentioning him and cryptic graffiti sprayed on the walls. Since this will probably be the last "New Vegas" expansion, Ulysses will likely wrap the story up nicely (hopefully). According to the release from Bethesda, the original courier's promising to explain why he didn't take the job – but only if you meet him in the earthquake ravaged Divide.

If someone contacts you and says, "Hey, sorry you got shot in the face. Let me explain everything in this horribly dangerous hell-hole;" there's a pretty good chance they're not being forthcoming.

The "Lonesome Road" add-on was previously delayed, with an original release date in July, which subsequently turned into August. The August date slipped by, but the expansion will now be available September 20 for $10 or 800 of your precious Microsoft points.