Play Games, Help Sick Kids With Xbox Gaming And Giving For Good


Gamers may be an intensely passionate bunch about their electronic hobby, but they're also consistently finding ways to give back to the community. Thanks to wonderful charities like Extra Life and Child's Play, the industry and fans are able to donate to great causes simply by participating in something we all love doing anyways. Next month, Microsoft are asking Xbox Live gamers to help in raising money for the Children's Miracle Network.

The Gaming and Giving for Good charity event will take place on Xbox Live on October 1. Signing up is super simple: just head over to the G3 event page, click the registration button, and sign up as a G3 participant. You can input your personal fundraising goal, and then it's just a matter of finding sponsors. You can collect donations from friends and family, and the more you play on October 1, the more money you'll raise for this awesome cause.

If you're short an Xbox Live gold membership, don't sweat it. Signing up will award you a free membership from Microsoft for the weekend. Charity and a free weekend of gold; not a bad deal. You can participate as an individual or even join a team, combining your powers into some type of mega-philanthropic beast.

GameStop and 2K games are working together to host in-store events for the charity, already raising over $70,000 before the drive has even begun.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and raise some money for sick kids. If you're going to lay around on the couch playing games all weekend anyways, wouldn't it feel great to do something productive while you're having a good time?