'Super Mario 3D Land' And 'Mario Kart 7' Given Official Release Dates


So maybe Nintendo's 3DS Press Conference 2011 wasn't exactly produced with North American gamers in mind. Beyond the fact that the entire event was streamed without subtitles, and was intended more for Japanese audiences, there were a few decent moments. Regardless, Nintendo had some news for you Yankees today with release dates confirmed for two first-party 3DS titles.

Beyond confirming a future system update that will allow 3DS users to take 3D videos with their device, Nintendo also unveiled the North American release dates for two Mario games. "Super Mario 3D Land" will release on November 13, while "Mario Kart 7" launches on December 4. These are the first original Mario titles coming to the 3DS console.

You might remember that we already mentioned these exact dates for both games back in August. Well, shortly after the article was posted, the "official" comment from Nintendo suddenly stated that those dates were "unofficial." Looks like they were pretty official, after all.

"Super Mario 3D Land" is a somewhat typical Mario platformer, with the obvious exception that it's designed in 3D. The game pays tribute to many elements from previous Mario titles, including the Super Leaf from "Super Mario Bros. 3."

"Mario Kart 7" is pretty much what you would expect from a "Mario Kart" game, with the exception that this iteration includes a first-person mode. It's still a bit hard to imagine – without going hands-on – how effective that first-person mode will actually play. A large part of "Mario Kart" is watching those behind and around you to lay traps.

While the 3DS launch was plagued with a poor software line-up, two big Mario titles just might be enough to bolster some additional sales. Getting both titles out during the holiday season was a smart move on Nintendo's part.