'Jetpack Joyride' Updated With Dragon, Fruit Jetpack And Head Of Marketing

Jetpack Joyride

"Jetpack Joyride" has remained a constant presence on my iPad and iPhone since it launched last week, and now it seems the developer, Halfbrick Studios, has given fans of Barry Steakfries another reason to return to the addictive survival game.

Most iOS games have a first update which rectifies small bugs here and there. The first "Jetpack Joyride" update does this, too, but it also adds a handful of new unlockables to the mix.

The biggest addition is Mr. Cuddles, a new vehicle, which brings the total to six. Vehicles are selected randomly throughout the game, so now you have a one-in-six chance to hop aboard a massive, mechanical, fire-breathing dragon. As with all the vehicles in "Jetpack Joyride," Mr. Cuddles is controlled with just a single finger. Holding down on the screen causes him to descend, spewing deadly fire, while letting go will leave him soaring at the top of the screen. Like the other five vehicles, Mr. Cuddles can be upgraded with a magnet to help in coin collection and a gold skin can be purchased for him.

Mr. Cuddles is joined in this update by a new jetpack which spews fruit, an homage to the game that put Halfbrick on the map: "Fruit Ninja." There's also a new custom head for Barry, which transforms him into Honest Phil. Fans of Halfbrick know that the look of Barry was inspired by the company's director of marketing, Phil Larsen. Your dream of playing as a director of marketing is now complete.

It's certain that this is just the beginning of the content updates to "Jetpack Joyride." I had spoken to Larsen before the game's release and he confirmed that just about every aspect of the game can be updated, including "jetpacks, costumes, vehicles, stash items, IAP, final spin prizes, achievements, environments."