'Skyrim' Gameplay Video - 20 Minutes Of Dragon-Slaying Fun

It's really easy to make trailers for "Skryim" look pretty. After all, the new engine makes for some pretty gorgeous environments and character models. The problem with most trailers, though, is that they don't really capture what it's like to play the game. "The Elder Scrolls" franchise is almost exclusively cut scene free, so seeing snappy previews with quickly-edited shots isn't much help at all. What is helpful is raw gameplay footage, and that's what we've gotten from Bethesda today.

The footage above is almost exactly what attendees of E3 2011 experienced within the Bethesda booth, complete with all the new interface elements, spell mixing and, yes horses sans DLC armor.


Part 2 features some classic "Elder Scrolls" dungeon diving, and introduces us to some of the fancy new magic spells. One of these is Clairvoyance, which gives you a glowing path to follow to the next objective. Decidedly handy if it's 2AM and the cave map you've been staring at for the last three hours stops making any sense to your exhausted brain.


Part 3 features an awesome dragon battle. I'd rather not spoil how this one turns out, but it's a safe bet that dragon lovers should start writing their letters of protest now.

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" is scheduled to hit stores worldwide on November 11. Until then you can watch these videos in full screen, move the mouse around a bit, and pretend you're actually playing. And then you'll probably cry yourself to sleep.