'Trenched' Is Now 'Iron Brigade,' New DLC Incoming


Double Fine's "Trenched" is one of my favorite games so far this year. Its blend of tower-defense and intense co-op action had me going back to the well more than a fe times this summer, but after playing through the campaign a few times – well, you want something more. Thankfully, Brad Muir and the rest of the Double Fine crew are planning to release more Mobile Trench Brigade action soon, just under a different name.

It's a bit weird at first, but "Trenched" is no longer going to be called "Trenched." When the game releases in Europe – or any other foreign market – it will be called "Iron Brigade." Speaking to the Giant Bomb crew during this weekend's Big Live Live Show Live, Double Fine's Brad Muir and Greg Rice stated that all copies of "Trenched" – including that North American version you've doubtlessly been playing – will henceforth be called "Iron Brigade."

The team stated that the change was necessary to allow complete online compatibility between all regions. So, you know, know you can kill Tubes with your pal in the jolly ol' United Kingdom. While it's true that such a name change may be necessary for Xbox Live compliance across regions, the reason for the "Iron Brigade" moniker is a little less happy.

"Trenched" has actually been delayed in Europe up until this point, thanks to a legal dispute filed by a Portuguese board game designer. The designer had filed a trademark for "Trench" the board game – which also covers electronic games, apparently – back in 2007. Double Fine's game has been held up in the legal rigamarole since, but it looks like the studio opted for a name change to get the game into European households.

Name changes notwithstanding, a new title update also means new – free! – content. "Iron Brigade" will receive new costumes, weapons, and new character gesture that looks like you're about to perform a prostate exam. Even better, the game is getting a new "survival" mode that has you trying to survive wave after wave of enemies, á la "Gears of War" Horde mode. Double Fine also announced that the game will receive downloadable-content in the future.

While the name change is kind of odd, new "Trenched" "Iron Brigade" content is exciting news.