'Dead Island' Skull Guide - Colored Skulls, Developer's Craft Weapons And Diamonds

Dead Island

"Dead Island" has been out for less than a week, and already people are starting to stumble upon some pretty incredibly secrets that the developers have hidden throughout Banoi. One of the more interesting secrets is the existence of colored skulls scattered throughout the island. Picking one up would give you no indication as to its purpose. It's not visible in your inventory and there's no reference of it in any of the hints. But the colored skulls serve more of a purpose than just as easter eggs. They may just be the key to the most powerful weapons in the game.


Once word started to spread about the colored skulls, internet detectives started scouring the island. If you don't think you have the stomach to search every nook and cranny, this handy guide will show you where to find the skulls, what to do with them and what your reward will be. Special props go to the OTWBoys, whose YouTube channel is filled with handy "Dead Island" secrets.

WARNING: Location spoilers to follow. If you're looking to play through "Dead Island" clean, stop reading now.

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