'Crysis' Coming To XBLA And PSN In October


This may come as a shock to some, but there was actually a "Crysis" game before "Crysis 2." Yes, I realize if you didn't own a super-cooled gaming PC in 2008, you may not have been aware of the original game or, more likely, you decided to ignore it, knowing that you didn't have a prayer in running it. If that's the case and you started your career with "Crysis 2," Crytek is offering up a chance to fill in the blanks. The developer will be releasing the original "Crysis" on XBLA and PSN in October.

This will be the first time the original "Crysis" will be available on consoles. The project was announced during last night's episode of GameTrailers TV.

It's not a simple port, though. The console version will actually utilize CryEngine 3, which was the engine behind "Crysis 2," the rationale being that CryEngine 3 was designed to work well on consoles and could make the transition much smoother. The developer is also adding stereoscopic 3D effects to the original, just like the sequel had.

While there's no specific release date at the moment, the project is planned to release in October and will carry a price point of $20. That seems to be on par with other HD remakes on the platform, including the upcoming re-releases of "Resident Evil 4" and "Code Veronica." It is, however, ten dollars cheaper than the PC version, which is currently being sold on Steam for $30.

It's worth noting that, while technically impressive, the first "Crysis" wasn't, well, all that great. Pretty, sure, but it's not quite to the level of gameplay on offer in the sequel. But, hey, maybe it'll work better with a controller!