Harmonix Melts Brains With 'VidRhythm' On iOS Today


What the hell is "VidRhythm"? It's really best if you don't know. But given that Harmonix is asking for $2 for their latest creation, I know many will not simply download the app on good faith, so I'll try to detail as much as I can without spoiling it.

"VidRhythm" is a music video creator for those who don't have the first clue about video editing. It asks that you select a song (the app comes with 20 pre-loaded) and a theme, ranging from cats to colors to "Dance Central." Then you're tasked with recording all of the sound for that tune. Generally this is no more than six or seven sounds, recorded through your iOS camera, complete with video. The process, starting from scratch to finished music video, takes as little as three minutes.

The end result is something like THIS.

Yes, I realize it's remarkably dumb, but there's also something profoundly entertaining about it. It's not a game by any stretch, but it is a deviously simple music-creation app from the folks who made everyone think they have actual musical talent. It's the sort of app you could walk around a party, asking different people to record different sounds, not knowing what they were contributing to until the final product is up on YouTube.

"VidRhythm" is up on the app store now for $2. It's a universal app, so it'll work on the iPhone and iPad 2 (since it requires a camera). It's great to see Harmonix returning to their crazy indie roots and I'm awfully curious what other iOS projects they have in store for us.