'Another World' Hitting iOS Platforms On September 22

Another World

It's pretty rare to find a game these days that intentionally thrusts players into a mysterious and deadly world with little to no instruction to guide them. No tutorial, no on-screen prompts, no nothing. You arrive in a place of danger and the only way you can learn how to survive is by dying a whole bunch. Recent examples, like "Limbo" and "Minecraft" are few and far between, but in the '80s and '90s, brutally merciless games were pretty common. One of my favorites was "Out of this World," also known as "Another World" across the globe. And now the game's creator, Eric Chahi, is bringing his alien adventure to iPhone and iPad on September 22.

Chahi originally announced the project at GDC earlier this year, and now we're finally going to have a chance to see how it turned out. The iOS version will feature updated graphics, with the option to play with the classic graphics at any time just by tapping the screen with two fingers. They've also added new difficulty levels, both harder and easier than the original release. And, because we live in a world of achievements, it'll support Game Center so you can show off just how quick you figured out the tank sequence.

Control-wise, the game will support a virtual d-pad as well as a new touch-based control system which presumably works like a point-and-click adventure game. Hopefully one of the two options is serviceable, as the tight controls in "Another World" are crucial to your survival, especially when running away from black dogs of mystery.

The iOS version of "Another World" will be a universal app and will sell for $5 when it releases on September 22.