'Call of Duty XP' Is Officially Sold Out


"Call of Duty XP" is just about to kick off, and it looks like Activision have set up a huge spectacle. There's the real-life recreation of the "Modern Warfare 2" Pit, a paintball course that looks like the famous Scrapyard level, and even musical performances from The Dropkick Murphys and Kanye West. If you were waiting until the last minute to grab some tickets, I unfortunately have some bad news for you: "Call of Duty XP" is now officially sold out.

The tickets originally went on sale in mid-July, with each one asking a hefty $150 price tag. Well, it's actually a bit unfair to call it hefty – the price was actually pretty fair. Beyond the chance to play "Modern Warfare 3" for two days, "XP" attendees will have a wealth of entertainment to enjoy. Beyond that? Every person that walks through the door gets a free copy of the Hardened edition of "Modern Warfare 3." Add that up, it's good math.

More impressive -- I feel – every cent of that $150 goes to Activision's "Call of Duty" Endowment Fund, a great charity that helps returning veterans transition back into civilian life. This thing didn't come as a small expense, so I think that's actually pretty great.

According to the "XP" site, tickets ran out sometime this afternoon. Frankly, prior to this announcement, more than a few people were confused as to how such a massive event hadn't sold out right away. Strangely -- it suddenly was. Activision had previously mentioned that attendance was capped around 6,000 people.

Stay tuned right here at MTV Multiplayer for for all the coverage of "Call of Duty XP," including the first look at "Modern Warfare 3" multiplayer. I'm entering this insane compound tonight, and expect coverage starting early tomorrow.

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