'Burnout Crash' Release Date Locked For September 20

Burnout Crash

Just because the holiday season is painfully full of major retail releases doesn't mean the downloadable space will be empty. There are definitely a few titles that have the potential to fill out both XBLA and PSN for the better. One of those titles is "Burnout Crash," a game I played a month or so ago and really enjoyed. Sure, it's not the full "Burnout" sequel that we've all been waiting for since "Paradise," but it does do a pretty good job of scratching that itch. Fans of the Crash mode from "Takedown" will definitely get a kick out of it, and the art style has a pleasant smattering of "Rampage" thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the game is going to release on September 20 for both PSN and XBLA. Even better, it'll come in at a lower-than-expected $10. Based on what sort of content they're offering, I would've expected $15 at least. Good news all around!