'Jetpack Joyride' Live In NZ App Store, Releasing Globally Today

Jetpack Joyride

A few months ago, I attempted to share with you the joys of a game called "Machine Gun Jetpack." Since then the game, created by Halfbrick Studios (of "Fruit Ninja" fame) went through a name change and is now known as "Jetpack Joyride." The title's been in development for about 9 months now and, depending on where you live in the world, you may be able to download it right now.

The official release date for "Jetpack Joyride" is September 1, but because of Apple's staggered release schedule and because New Zealand is way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to Thursday, it's available there right now through the New Zealand app store. As the day rolls on and more regions get to experience the might and glory that is Thursday, it'll be available there, too. The US should get their first taste of the game's release with the east coast time zone getting the game at around 11pm EST tonight.

My full review of the game is embargoed until tomorrow, but I think it's safe to say that the game is worth a dollar, which is the present asking price. It's also a universal app, so that dollar will allow you to download the game for both iPhone and iPad.

While you wait for your region to be graced with the presence of "Jetpack Joyride," enjoy the launch trailer embedded above, which tells the incredible true story of the birth of the game's hero, Barry Steakfries.

For what it's worth, I currently hold the worldwide high score for "Jetpack Joyride" with 7,050 meters flown in a single game. Good luck, Earth! You'll need it!