'Torchlight 2' Coming In At $20, Introduces Final Class


The "Diablo 3" beta looms near, and despite all the controversy surrounding some of the changes Blizzard has made, people are going to still play the hell out of it. But what happens when the "Diablo 3" beta ends? Yes, as long as we've waited, there will still be a time, after the beta, when we'll have no hack-and-slash RPG to play, as we await the full release of "Diablo 3." Oh wait, that's not true at all! We'll have "Torchlight 2," thank goodness!

Yes, "Torchlight 2," the scrappy dark horse that seems to be making all the fans happy with its ability to support mods and LAN play and its lack of a required online connection. And, sure to make fans even happier? The price point. "Torchlight 2" will sell for just $20, the same price as the excellent original.

It's a pretty great deal, considering "Torchlight 2" will add a bunch of significant features on top of what the original had on-hand. Online co-op, for one. Four brand new classes, for another. That fourth class was also just revealed, with the Embermage joining the already-announced Engineer, Berzerker and Outlander. Specific details on the Embermage, save for what she looks like (pictured) are shaky, but it's a safe bet that she'll be the primary ranged magic user in the bunch. After all, mage is right there in her name!

The news that "Diablo 3" would require a constant online connection was a bit of a bummer, as it means it's not the sort of game I can install on my laptop and play anywhere I want, regardless of my WiFi situation. Seems that "Torchlight 2" will fit that bill nicely. Now if only Runic would announce a release date! Might I suggest the precise day that the "Diablo 3" beta ends? For some reason I think there's going to be plenty of demand then.