'Gears of War 3' Written With Both Carmine Endings In Case Of Leak


Last year, Epic Games announced that "Gears of War" fans would have the ultimate say on the fate of character Carmine. If you purchased a t-shirt – either "Save Carmine" or "Carmine Must Die" printed on the front – you had the opportunity not only to decide what would happen, but to donate to a great cause, as well. When all the votes were tallied, the campaign had raised over $150,000 for Child's Play. We won't really know Carmine's fate until "Gears of War 3" releases, but it sounds like Epic have taken precautions to ensure it's a surprise either way.

According to Digital Spy, the developer actually wrote both versions of Carmine's story into "Gears 3," all in an attempt to deter possible leaks. Now that's a company devoted to a non-spoiler release. Epic president, Mike Capps, addressed the issue during a GamesCom 2011 talk.

"We actually wrote both [endings] in the game just in case the game leaked so no-one would be able to tell what happens," Capps said. "And so we won't tell you now. [On] September 20 everyone will find out."

Maybe it doesn't sound like such a big deal to write an alternate story for Carmine, but it's actually quite cool that Epic was that dedicated to keeping the entire affair a surprise. The last we heard, Carmine was actually beating the reaper. You may be filled with trash-talking children, Xbox Live, but we know you're really just a big softy.

Epic has faced some "Gears 3" leaks already, namely a build of the game appearing on torrent sites. More humorously, the game's announcement was originally leaked thanks to a scheduling mix-up with Justin Bieber on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.