Nintendo 3DS Rumored To Have Redesign On The Way With Second Analog Stick


Nintendo's decision to slash prices on the slow-to-fire 3DS has expectedly affected the company's shares in a positive manner. According to Enterbrain (via Famitsu), sales of the device in Japan skyrocketed following the announcement that the price was reduced by close to 30-percent. While Japanese launch week sales totaled 350,000, sales in the country post-price drop – August 8 through August 14 – were already at 215,000 units.

While the company has to be pleased with the initial results of the price change, they can't be pleased with the overall performance of the product. Now, there's word that Nintendo is actually planning hardware changes for the 3DS.

According to a rather lengthy article at French gaming site (via Techcrunch), Nintendo is actually looking to downplay the 3D visuals associated with the 3DS. 01Net claims to have a trusted source within Nintendo, and this representative has stated that the company is legitimately concerned with the impression some consumers have, thinking the device could be harmful to children under the age of six. The company is allegedly looking to alter the 3D in a future revision, or even abandon the 3D all together.

Also of note, Nintendo is allegedly looking to release a $10 right analog stick add-on. According to the source, the right stick will mount onto the 3DS somehow, probably by attaching to the four face buttons. Third-party developers have supposedly already been made aware, and games are under development to utilize the second stick.

01Net's unnamed source is a bit suspicious, but the site has already proven it has some inside access with Nintendo, having reported on Wii U details before that console was announced, so it's worth considering this as a possibility.