'Deus Ex' Clothing Doesn't Include Robo Arms


Reviews of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" are pouring in and, well, they're pretty darn positive. Our own review definitely found the game pleasurable, and though it's a bit too early to say for sure, Adam Jensen looks like he could be the star of a smash hit. Well, assuming you all go out and actually buy the game tomorrow. If the game's main protagonist does end up as a rather iconic figure, you can bet you'll see Jensen making appearances in the form of cosplay in future conventions.

Well, but what if you're not a cosplayer? What if you just want to rock some sweet "Deus Ex" fashions, but don't feel like gluing plastic eyepieces to your face? Luckily, clothier musterbrand is bringing some of the style from the game into the real world.

Musterbrand's "Human Revolution" line hopes to recreate the look of in-game apparel, featuring shirts, jeans, and even an Adam Jensen jacket. The designers worked with the game development team at Eidos-Montreal to ensure that each item looks as it does in-game. The clothes all look well made, but it's hard to tell how they look and fit without seeing them in person; such is the way of online clothes shopping.

The t-shirts featuring Bell Tower security logo and a worn triangle look really sharp, but the Jensen jacket is really the star of the show. It's a spot-on replica, complete with attention to sculpted ribbing in the shoulders. If I had this jacket, I would totally tape some knives onto my forearms and fight bad dudes. Either that, or frighten people at Wal-Mart. Either way.

There's no word on price yet, although I imagine none of this stuff is cheap. Either way, you can check out the full line of products and grab them for yourself starting tomorrow at deusex-store.com. If you feel inclined to buy me an Adam Jensen coat, I will be your friend forever.