'Dead Island' Gameplay Videos - 15 More Minutes Of Zombie Carnage

Yesterday we presented 20 minutes of raw, unedited (except for the nasty words) "Dead Island" gameplay footage. You all seemed to like it so much that we're back to give you even more! Yes, today we present 15 more minutes of footage, picking up right where yesterday left off. Today's highlights include decapitations, mission hubs and more fun in the sun!

For Parts 1 - 3, check out yesterday's "Dead Island" gameplay videos!


Part 4 begins right after yesterday's big boss fight, exploring an abandoned life guard station. The plan is to move all the survivors into the station. Unfortunately the plan hinges on there not being any zombies present, so it'll require some deft crowbar work to clear the place out. Once clear you can see that all the survivors move in and you can accept a half-dozen different quests which will send you around the island, completing various tasks. They'll all reward you with experience, but some will also grant unique weapons for use in the field.


In our final "Dead Island" gameplay segment, we explore the lovely pools the island has to offer. There's also some more questing to do and, of course, more zombies to kill.

And that's all she wrote, folks! We probably won't have any more gameplay clips until the game launches in a few weeks, so hopefully your zombie appetite has been sated. Remember, none of these clips showed off stuff like co-op and this is really just from the first hour of the game, so there are plenty of additional surprises in store for when the game launches on September 6!