'Citizen Skywatch' Hinting At More 'XCOM' Info?


News of odd domain registrations tied to game publishers is pretty darn common these days. It used to feel like an exciting thing when someone would stumble upon some secret little factoid that a company's PR didn't want the world to see yet, but anymore, it's starting to feel like these little "discoveries" actually are the PR campaign. Currently hidden in broad daylight is the peculiarly-named "Citizen Skywatch." There's an obligatory vague website, a cryptic Twitter account – you know the drill.

So what is "Citizen Skywatch?" I'll place my bet on a campaign for Take-Two and 2K's upcoming "XCOM."

As reported by Fusible, a website called citizenskywatch.com has popped up on the gaming radar, and it says – well, it doesn't actually say very much. It quite literally just says "Citizen Skywatch" in a very mid-century modern style font. The registration traces back to Take-Two Interactive, so at least we know who's ultimately behind what's most definitely a marketing campaign related to one of their announced – or possibly unannounced – titles.

There's been some buzz around the domain registration looking similar to Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar's site registrations, but I don't think Citizen Skywatch has anything to do with Rockstar. Instead, it's likely a campaign for the '50s sci-fi "XCOM" reboot.

Besides the mid-century look to the design of the "Citizen Skywatch" banner, the name itself suggests a community driven organization – such as a neighborhood watch – looking to the skies. It's entirely possible that this could allude to the sky-high exploits of "BioShock Infinite," but the logo on the Twitter page tells the tale. Inside the pupil of the eye, there's a satellite dish broadcasting. They're looking for aliens. Citizen Skywatch is watching the skies for evil aliens looking to spread their weird black goop all over your cherry red Ford.

I could be wrong, but the evidence is awfully hard to deny. The "Citizen Skywatch" Twitter currently tells us to "stand by for urgent alerts." Of course, that was two hours ago, so I suppose we can go on with our daily lives for now.