'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' Coming To Consoles, PC, And Mac In Early 2012


Game mods are an amazing way for fledgling – or even proficient for that matter – developers to use an existing game's framework to create their own vision. The "Half-Life" series has seen its share of impressive mods, including the recent "Stanley Parable," but few compare to the first-person shooting wonder that is "Counter-Strike." The series started it's life as a "Half-Life" mod back in 1999, before Valve quickly realized its potential and published the game under their own mantle. Today, almost twelve years to the day since the game's original beta, Valve has announced "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

There were few details in Valve's press release, but we do know that "Global Offensive" is slated for a "early 2012" launch. The surprise comes in the announcement of a multi-platform release, with the game making appearances on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, in addition to the franchise's traditional PC version. The series has made one prior appearance on consoles with 2004's poorly-received "Counter-Strike: Condition Zero."

"Global Offensive" will maintain original "Counter-Strike" maps, while integrating new modes, weapons, maps, and online leaderboards.

There have been rumors of a new "Counter-Strike" for a couple days now, with the hubub originally spurred by a rather odd message left on the Valve forums yesterday by one of the company's employees, simply stating "Global Offensive." A day full of Facebook page messages and Twitter posts from E-Sports Entertainment members made this a particularly non-secret, secret announcement. Old ladies in a small-town beauty salon have done a better job keeping things under wraps than this.

Meanwhile, I have one very simple question. Where in the name of all that is holy is "Half-Life 3?" I'm all for new "Counter-Strike," but can we please continue that flagship series sometime before I have to start wearing Depends, Valve? Yes, I refer to it as "Half-Life 3" now; there's nothing episodic about this anymore, it's been almost four years.

Please...I'm not above begging.